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Any mortgage valuation is unlikely to provide you with any significant information, and often further reports on structure, dampness, roofing and the like may be required. Buying a house or flat will probably be the most expensive purchase of your life and therefore you need to know its condition. A survey report will give the information that you need.

Building Survey

Our building survey reports are prepared following a detailed inspection of the property by a Chartered Building Surveyor. All visible defects are reported upon and, where possible, the cause diagnosed and recommendations for repair given. Many people wish to extend or alter the property they are buying and, if you tell us what your proposals are before we inspect, we can give general advice on these aspects and any special precautions that need to be taken or issues such as party wall matters.

Report on Specific Defects

This report provides diagnosis and recommendations for further action regarding specific issues at a property, e.g. the roof covering and structure; structural movement such as subsidence, or issues of dampness and dry rot.

Snagging List

A detailed snagging list is often prepared to highlight defects in a property, which can then be given to the builder/contractor for him to rectify. It is a useful document, even when buying a new house from a developer.

Home Owner


Over the years buildings can suffer from a number of problems resulting from external influences such as subsidence, general maintenance matters and defects in the original construction. As Chartered Building Surveyors, we are well placed to advise on such problems as we have detailed knowledge of how buildings are constructed; the problems that can affect different sections of the building and the best course of action to remedy the problem. The types of survey include:

• Report on specific defects

• Detailed Maintenance Schedule to analyse and prioritise repairs

• Measured Surveys


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